October 21st, 2006

bear eat you

Not hurt, blah, awesomeness.

My wrist ain't fractured, so it should be back to normal pretty soon. I don't even notice it any more unless I'm comparing it's range of motion to the other one.

I'm feeling pretty blah today - I really need to do something. I guess Lordi next week fits the bill pretty good! In the meantime, I'm falling back to my tactics from my dissertation - "you can watch some stuff, if you do something productive." As my ISP (the one we're leaving ASAP) seems to have blocked all of my ports, I've fallen back to my DVDs.

Duncan, one of the guys from work, has one of these on his desk, which a friend of his brought him back from Japan. That's pretty awesome. It's under his monitor stand, and when I noticed it, I thought it was just a cat. Then it dawned...

It looks like it's going to erupt from under the monitor, leap off the desk and peg it across the office...