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Rotten Circuits
June 20th, 2005
09:51 am


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Cheesy but good
XFM wakes me up evey day, because I get bored of changing CDs and beeps just don't work (too used to them). Now normally, it gets killed in about three seconds as Coldplay or Keane or the White Stripes come screaming or whining into my ears as I wake, leaving me filled with disgust and rage for the first 10 minutes of the morning.

However, today they have played so far:

Boomtown Rats - (Tell Me Why) I Don't Like Mondays
Catatonia - Mulder & Skully
Simon & Garfunkel - Mrs Robinson

Now I can handle waking up to that - nice job, XFM radio.

Aw shit, now they ruined it by playing R.E.M. - Losing My Religion. Fuck that in the bin - I'm off to listen to Bad Religion on my way to work.

Current Mood: annoyedannoyed
Current Music: The silence after the radio dies

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