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It's too hot

It really, really is too hot. I mean, I like the cold better than the heat anyway, but this is ridiculous. The sun's not even out today, so it's a wet, humid heat, unlike yesterday. Someone, Elly I think, had the absolute genius idea (which seems so obvious in hindsight) of leaving the front door open, but locking the HUGE iron gate we have across it. That helped a bit.

It's not too bad when I'm moving, 'cause at least then it feels like I'm hot for a reason. However, it was goddamn impossible to get to sleep last night. In the end I just got up and gorged myself on / covered myself in cold water, then went back to bed. Think I might have worked out how I gave myself reflux esophogitis all those years ago - there's one less thing to wonder about.

Also, my bizarre launching myself across the world when I wake up thang has returned! It's kind of cool, in a freaky way...

The WoD is 'vomit'. Wow, that sounds nasty - let's rephrase that. The Oxford English Dictionary Online's Word of the Day is 'Vomit'.
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