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Return of the blog

Yeah, I've been lazy :)

So what's been happening?

It's fucking hot! About an 8.12 on the hotometer! I want ice cubes for breakfast!
*Hotometer not currently available in stores. For purchasing information please text "Imaginary products: hotometer" to 2483063

I learned that:

- Nobody makes useful drivers for 64-bit windows.
- Death Jr. is very entertaining so far.
- DeathBoy are returning to the London live scene.
- I can draw, if I bother to.
- I cannot function without photoshop (may fall back to the gimp for the time being).
- Batman... so... good...
- Firefox is even better than Avant.
- I can still cook a mean breakfast. In the colloquial usage meaning 'good', rather than 'stingy' or 'average'.

I guess that's the important stuff. Your information banks have been updated.
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