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Fantasia Blog: Belated intro, updates, a call for feedback and free tickets

[A young man in a lab coat stands behind a desk cluttered with lab equipment, facing the viewer. In his right hand, he holds a bubbling test tube, while his left rests besides a horrified-looking severed head. Image courtesy of Unity and taken from Flickr]

This weekend has been the start of Montreal's annual Fantasia Film Festival - three weeks of award-winning, cult and horror movies from around the globe. As a regular patron of Aberystwyth's Abertoir, I was delighted to discover that Montreal had a similar festival, and longpig and I have been waiting for our chance to pick up tickets ever since (it helped that Ubisoft sponsor the event, so I was able to buy my tickets in advance of the main booth opening.)

I also won four tickets through work. Originally the competition stated that I had to blog once a week about the festival on the Ubisoft Fantasia blog, so I prepared to do that. However, I've heard nothing of it since, so readers of my personal blog (hah!) and people with me on their friends' list will get these lovely articles instead! Or as well, in the case that they're still needed for the other blog.

I completely neglected to warn you all that this was going to be happening, so this post is to rectify that. I've posted three reviews so far, now updated with less errors and exactly one more embedded movie trailer per review:

First Squad: The Moment Of Truth
Mutant Girls Squad

Now, what can you do for me? Well, I know for a fact that there are several talented writers, and plenty of film buffs, and so what I would love from you is feedback. I'd like to continue to blog reviews after the event, and I'm looking for ways to make my reviews better, from content covered (more plot? Less spoilers?) to format, to horrific abuses of language and more. I read every comment on this blog and reply, at the very least, to any that seek a response, but often to others as well. So please send me/post your thoughts!

I'm not looking for any kind of publicity at the moment - this is all for you guys, but mostly for my own practice. That said, if you really think something's good enough, you don't need to ask my permission pass on or link to anything I post publicly.

Finally, due to a scheduling conflict, I have spare tickets to two films that longpig will be absolutely unable to attend. So, if anyone would care to join me to see either of these films, let me know and I'll get back to you!

SATURDAY 17TH JULY 2010, 12:00AM. Battle In Outer Space (1960) [IMDB]. The trailer made this look like an MST3K-worthy film, but reviews and synopses point to it being an extravaganza for its time, and a probable influence for Star Wars.

SATURDAY 24TH JULY 2010, 11:30AM. King Of Thorn (2010) [wikipedia]. This looks pretty much like an anime version of Fallout to me, but with triffids instead of deserts. I'm hoping for classic sci-fi sensibilities.

[SCENE Presents Fantasia]
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