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Generally Awful Update

There's one piece of good news since last time - after all that, Sierra stayed quiet. Silly dog.

Other than that, I'm a ball of tired, angry and sad right now:
  • My Stepdad had/is having surgery for a metastasized tumor in his lung last Friday, and I haven't heard any news about how it went yet.

  • One of my best friends from the UK has just had a serious accident during brain surgery, leaving her (hopefully temporarily) without language or motor control.

  • There's strong indication that riots in Toronto during the G20 were, if not engineered, at least allowed and leveraged to justify exorbitant security budgets. Regardless of that, police response to the riots was bizarre, disproportionate, almost certainly illegal and utterly useless at preventing crime.

  • Overtime at work, I'm posting this at nearly 2am. Whee!

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