Ian Hatch (wererogue) wrote,
Ian Hatch

Dog Training, LEGO Universe

In more personal news, the positive reinforcement training is going exceptionally well. Sierra always wanted to learn, and I'm learning ways to help her understand what it is that we actually want from her. So far, she knows:

  • Sit: Sometimes she still needs a hand signal, and very occasionally will need luring, but 90% of the time this is perfect.
  • Down: She's very good for a lure, but sometimes she'll do it on command or for a hand signal too, so we need to move to giving her treat rewards only at those times, and only praise for luring.
  • Bang (play dead): She knows that sometime when she lies down she has to flop over, but last night was really the first time she started associating it with the command.
  • Stand: She knows the hand signal really well, just not the vocal.
  • Stay: She's pretty excellent at staying a lot of the time - well above the level they've asked us to aim for next week (staying for 30 seconds with the handler at the length of the leash.) I'm working on getting her to stay when I'm in another room, which she'll do about half the time, and we're going to focus on always coming back to her before releasing her for a bit, then mix in the "come" again.
  • Come: She knows the command very well, but doesn't always want to do it, so we're rewarding her for doing it when there are distractions, and she's responding very well.

Last night's new trick was "Bow", which she's good at, but has trouble differentiating from Down. She doesn't really know the signal or verbal yet, though. I'm really excited for next week when we start on "heel" - the instructions are in the book and I'm super-tempted to get started in advance, but she has plently to work on for now.

This video is pretty ace - I don't know if it's really my thing, but it does look like everything a LEGO MMO should be:

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