Ian Hatch (wererogue) wrote,
Ian Hatch

Nick Griffin Question Time

So, I watched the show yesterday, and the thing that's been running through my head the most since then is:

"Indiginous English? What the hell are you smoking?!"

The audience were with me, too - the reaction was overwhelmingly negative and derisory. And it's pretty obvious why.

There are no "indiginous English" people. The Celts, from Southern France, trace back to Africa like everybody else. Every other country in Great Britain except England can claim some kinship to the Celts, as they were pushed out and enslaved by the Romans. The decendents of the Romans were slaughtered by the Angles and Saxons (mostly from South Germany), who created what became England on their twice-conquered land. They were mixed with Viking raiders. In turn, they were conquered by the French. Since then, the royal line has been mixed with others from all over Europe, and occasionally further afield, and sent out their mixed-blood subjects to all corners of the globe, bringing back slaves, subjects and employees from the lands that they in turn conquered. These people gained their freedoms and fortunes, and became accepted into Great Britain (an economic union, created pretty much under duress, with the Celtic countries,) too.

That's a massively shortened version of our cultural and ethenic history, and still any fool can see that there's no room for any kind of person "native" to Britain.
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