Ian Hatch (wererogue) wrote,
Ian Hatch

A little to report

Work trundles on, life trundles on. My evenings with longpig are still lovely, despite us not having the money to do anything exciting - Hazel makes a lovely and generally new meal every day, and then we play games together or watch shows that we got behind on during the move. I look forward to getting home every day, and enjoy my work most days too, which is more than I ever expected of life.

The weekends are generally great - we almost always see gats, sorceror, miseri and moonandtree, and occasionally mouseme too, and then Sundays are full of D&D - either my own Planescape game or curtana's excellent Diabolotin II, and generally some DDO too.

Last weekend we got to play DDO with space_gargoyle, and with shaphron and hdimagination too. More DDOing will be forthcoming! We also went shopping with rumor_esq, and I got a great new sweater, which I haven't yet stopped wearing since Saturday...

This weekend, however, will be extra-awesome! We're going to amaena and rumor_esq's Halloween party in Ottawa, a new place for me :V I am super-psyched. Then on Sunday, stu_the_elder and kittyfantastico are coming to Montreal, so we'll have a friend-heavy weekend.

This week I have been entertaining myself during slooooow builds with twitter, reading about how stupid people think that "girls are ruining sci-fi" and with some philosophical pondering courtesy of meallanmouse.

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