Ian Hatch (wererogue) wrote,
Ian Hatch

DDO Guild

In lighter news, we've been enjoying DDO a lot, and playing enough that we decided to buy one of the adventure packs with Real Money (tm). So we picked up Three Barrel Cove (can anyone guess the content?), which contains a lot of missions for a faction that we were interested in (The Free Agents) and Hazel suggested, while we were in the store, that I pick up a Guild Charter - which just happened to cost slightly less than my remaining credit.

So I'll be sending invites to join "The Rhenean Antiquarian Society" ((tm) and (c) curtana :V) to the characters we know as and when I see them online (you can't send offline invites, for some reason.) If you want in, comment here with your character names and I'll make sure I have you on my friends list.

I can't believe that I'm enjoying an MMO enough that I spent money on it - even less that I did so for the social aspect! Has the world gone topsy-turvey?!
Tags: ddo, guild, rhenean antiquarian society
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