Ian Hatch (wererogue) wrote,
Ian Hatch

Farewell, V.P. Dr. P.

I've been avoiding making this post since Sunday, but now is as good a time as any.

Dr. President Gaius Baltar passed away on Sunday. He was our hamster during the time we were living in Wales, and we had a lot of good times with him. When we left, we passed him on to Alex, who looked after him for the rest of his time.

He had a good run, I think. Qualifying as a doctor and elected President within weeks of his birth, Dr. President Gaius dedicated his life to novel food storage solutions, verifying structure integrity and peeing anywhere he wasn't sleeping. Before he was half a year old, he was (without his knowledge) nominated Vice-President of WARPSoc and won in a landslide vote, thereafter being known as "Vice-President Dr. President Gaius Baltar". A year later, and late in his life, he managed to hold on to the position for a second term, with a running partner (Mike I believe, who will be taking over Dr. President's duties as well as his own. I hope he's ready to chew on some walls.)

Alex's family have interred him under a flowerbed, in what I am told was a beautiful ceremony. I wish I could have been present, but I'm sure that he would have approved.
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