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Rotten Circuits
September 8th, 2009
10:28 am


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Mm, Barbecued Weekend
So, a good weekend all in all - an excellent Saturday, a nice Sunday, and a Monday that could definitely have been better, but was kind of ok all the same.

Saturday we had a barbecue/housewarming/Hazel's birthday type thing. I got the Wii, speakers and projector set up on Friday night (and, as a bonus, set up HBC so I'll be able to play North American games without buying a new Wii.) A bunch of awesome people came around, and much food, drink and an awful lot of talking was done by all. Dominik and Tabitha from downstairs came up with their kids, who were really entertaining and of course ridiculously cute.

The little barbecue we bought from Syed, the landlord, did its job admirably - ready to cook in about half an hour, lit first time. The speakers work just fine with the step-down transformer, and using MPlayer through HBC we watched the HPLHS Call of Cthulhu movie, which was, as ever, excellent.

Sunday was a recovery day for me - I'd been ill all week, so I played a lot of video games and ate leftover barbecue food. I'd intended to *do* something on Monday, but in the end Hazel got ill too, and I was still ill, so we reprised Sunday, except with added garbage shenanigans (we weren't sure the garbage people were coming, but most of our stuff got taken in the end.)

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Date:September 10th, 2009 04:24 pm (UTC)
Thanks again! It was good times.
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