Ian Hatch (wererogue) wrote,
Ian Hatch

TV and such

Still no media centre - I need to buy two PSUs now, one for the media centre and one for my games PC, as well as a new (hella-long) cable for the projector, and a voltage converter for our speakers.

My games box is becoming a saga - it's been nearly a year since it started screwing up, and budget (both a lack of income and an increased responsibility toward my spending) has kept it that way. I *could* spend ~$200 now and buy all the things I need to get it working, but as I need to spend about the same to get the media centre up that comes first - and I feel bad enough about that!

However, we did get some new (old) RAM for my linux box, so maybe when I find the time to test it I'll have a computer to browse with - I'm using Hazel's laptop all the time at the moment.

On to the TV in question - I watched half of Season 1 of Harvey Birdman, Attorney At Law last night, and it was excellent. There were times when you could clearly tell that some of the people behind The Venture Bros. were involved, but that really doesn't hurt it any.

Speaking of The Venture Bros.: new season this fall! I am very excited!
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