Ian Hatch (wererogue) wrote,
Ian Hatch

Sleep fail, Arkham Horror, Planescape

After a couple of diet cokes at the lovely barbecue at mouseme and moonandtree's duplex, I failed to sleep at all last night. I guess I'm just not as caffeine tolerant as I used to be. I got through a lot of Overlord 2, though!

There was a request for a game of Arkham Horror from gats at the barbecue - if we ran a game on Tuesday night (come over any time from 5, start around 6) who would be available? If interest is low, I may be able to fill spaces with my work friends, who love to play as well.

I'm planning to start up Planescape again. If I ran a game on Sunday 30th August, who of my players would be available? I could run it either at 12/1pmish, which is 5/6pm in the UK, or I could do it earlier if that's better for people - if we started at 9am here, that'd be 3pm in the uk.
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