Ian Hatch (wererogue) wrote,
Ian Hatch

Moving in tomorrow

So, our lease for our flat started yesterday, which is awesome!

I went to our new landlord's yard sale - he and his family were selling off the bits that they didn't want to move to the new house. I got a fair few bits that we would probably have ended up needing - kettle, curtains etc. for cheap, so that's nice.

The things we're really going to need the most are cables, and maybe a few replacement electrical things - for example, we couldn't bring our microwave or crock-pot, because they were UK rated, and a lot of the gadgets we did bring are going to need new power leads. We're also going to need some speakers for the living room, and eventually (once we get fed up of it being on the coffee table) we'll need a ceiling mount for our projector.

Speaking of projectors, I did a search out of curiosity yesterday, and you can now buy a 1080p projector for $600, which has bulbs that cost only $60 to replace, and are rated at about a third longer lifetime than the bulbs for my current one. So I guess I'll be looking to replace the projector next time a bulb goes.

We also really need to pick up some bookshelves, and some blackout curtains, or material I can make some out of. It's probably a lot cheaper to make my own.

So, other than that, I'm excited for our stuff arriving tomorrow! I have meetings at work, but I think I can persuade my boss that I'm not needed for them. Otherwise, I'll try and fit in the meeting around moving. At least with the crazy "Floating Holiday" system I don't have to try and book in annual leave at short notice - I can just call up and say "I'm not coming in today" 3 times a year.

Apparently I snored through LOTR:FOTR last night, but shut up once Hazel shoved me. I guess she didn't shove me earlier because she had knitting in her hands? I always hate it when I snore - it's inconveniencing people, and I have no damned control over it. I hope it doesn't happen again while we're in the hotel, because if I can't stop it there's nowhere else to go and sleep!
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