Ian Hatch (wererogue) wrote,
Ian Hatch


Had a pretty neat day yesterday - we had lunch at a place kittyfantastico recommended called "Beauty's", which served really good, huge food. I had French toast with sausages and maple syrup (although I actually ordered waffles, but I didn't mind) and a delicious cookies-and-cream "smoothie" that was clearly a milkshake - it was actually made with soft-serve from a machine! longpig had a huge and delicious burger, with home fries - all cooked fresh on hot-plates. We sat at the counter, so we got to watch them making all our food - it reminded me of a roadside diner in the states or the UK, except that it was packed - there was a queue outside just to sit down!

We went to the Dragon Boat festival after that, on vureoelt's advice. We didn't get to see him there, but we did watch a couple of hours of races, which was pretty exciting. We avoided the crowded stands by walking around to the other side of the stadium, where a few people were sitting on the grass or the bank, and some were sitting on a tarmac barrier that had been built there. Only trouble was, the sun was so hot that the tarmac had softened, and all down the barrier there was places where the tarmac had cracked from people sitting on it, and it was slowly peeling away from itself. It's pretty disconcerting to sit down and feel your warm seat slowly deform under you! longpig has photos on her facebook, if you want to see them.

Not sure what we'll do today - we're going to bake some cookies, but we're otherwise plan-free. longpig's knackered from catching the sun, and I'm feeling pretty lazy, so... maybe nothing!
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