Ian Hatch (wererogue) wrote,
Ian Hatch

Air Conditioning: My Arch-Nemesis

So, last night when heading to bed, I noticed that I could change the direction on the air-conditioner (like in a car) and moved it so that it no longer blew directly on me while I sleep.

This morning, my IBS has cleared up. Coincidence, or a better night's sleep? I'm betting on the latter.

longpig tells me that there are no less than three "Judge X" shows, most of which have a judge with some kind of authority-figure background, like being a cop. I think they need more diverse backgrounds, so with this in mind, I propose "Judge Heinrich", in which the judge used to be a member of the Hitler youth, and spends about a third to a half of each show explaining how his Hitler youth background doesn't affect his judgement. At the end of each case, the losing participant will blame the decision on Heinrich being a Nazi.
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