Ian Hatch (wererogue) wrote,
Ian Hatch

Rambling state of my Union

So, nearly a week in Montreal so far, and today was the first day we really saw anything that really counted as things you might visit the city for.

rumor_esq came up to visit us for the weekend, and we went out for a few meals - rotisserie chicken at St. Hubert (the Quebecer's dirty bird), Montreal smoked meat at Dunns, and poutine at La Banquisse, all extremely delicious.

We played a couple of really quick games of Arkham Horror, too - it's a completely different feel when everyone knows how the game works. We got mashed by Hastur yesterday evening, thanks to the dice clearly being evil at the start of the game, and then today we beat Azathoth when the game decided to take all of the hideously hardcore monsters that we couldn't fight, and remove them from the board in one Mythos phase.

On top of all that, we went to Old Montreal and saw a larp/reenactment/geek store that would have people in the UK salivating. They had a few good-looking injection-moulded swords that seemed pretty safe to me, although I didn't do a proper test in case they thought I was manhandling the stock. I couldn't find the core or tips, though. They also had a bunch of live-blade decorative and blunt reenactment weapons, a few very cheap, reasonable looking pistols, two expensive, very pretty pistols, a bunch of tacky dragon based and other decorations, and some quite nice chess sets.

The thing that blew me away about the store was the clothes - there were tons of generic medieval clothes, of the kind that you'd see in a bad medieval movie, that were very nicely made, both for men and women. They were more expensive than I'd normally pay for kit, but they kicked the arse of something remade from charity store clothes. There was even an outfit I'd wear for Orichalcum, if I could afford it.

We also swung by my new office building, which looked nice.

Tomorrow, we're going to go and get me an RFID travel card. They're called OPUS, and they're not quite as clever or versatile as London's Oyster - the fee is the same as just buying a ticket, and they don't upgrade your ticket the way Oyster does to save you money. You can get a monthly ticket, however, that only costs about 25 journeys, and you also get to "transfer" your tickets, so that one journey is the same flat fee, despite changing from the subway to the bus as many times as you need.

We're also going to a yarn store for Hazel, and as for what else we do... we'll see!

I start work on Monday, which I assume I'm a little nervous about, as my IBS from the flight still hasn't completely receded, which I'm trying not to let annoy me. There's a tinge of soreness left that is always in the back of my mind, and keeps tensing up one of my shoulders. There are other things that could be at play, too - we're probably going to be pretty hard up financially for a while (although I'll be investigating the exact state of my new finances on Monday, if possible), and we still have to move in to the new house, live there until our stuff arrives without... our stuff, and then get our stuff all moved in and put back together. I'm looking forward to a time when all of the moving concerns are behind us, and we only need to worry about our situation over here.

So's yer union.
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