Ian Hatch (wererogue) wrote,
Ian Hatch

Last Minute Rambles

I've started making friends-locked posts, sometimes so that they aren't publicly viewable, and others so that they don't get ported to facebook. I haven't decided whether this is one yet, but I figured it might be useful for people to know.

This week has been... well, like going through the wringer. Packing, scrambling, travelling, saying goodbye to a billion brilliant people that I won't see very often any more. Not saying goodbye to the people I couldn't catch. IBS, car door bruises, food poisoning, John's car deciding that it wanted to try and kill itself... there's more than that, too.

It was ace to see all of my relatives who visited us in Aber, and the ones that came to Milton Keynes, and the friends that came to Milton Keynes too. To those that couldn't make it - I'm sure we'll see you again, regardless!

I'm going to turn in now - there's so much more whirling around my head, and so much more to say, but it's more important to get some sleep.

So, bring it on, Tomorrow.

I'm waiting.
Tags: canada, emigrating, hard week, moving
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