Ian Hatch (wererogue) wrote,
Ian Hatch

So much to do!

Ok, so now that I've got a job in Canada, whilst they are very kindly handling some of the huge hassles of moving, I/we have a BILLION THINGS to do:

  • Sell all our non-transferable or unwanted stuff, like our couch and washing machine. Does anyone know where the best place to post classified ads in Aberystwyth is? There's one very empty craigslist site for Cardiff/Wales.
  • Pack. I'm actually going to get started on this today, for things like books which are definitely going with us.
  • Sort out a new home for Dr. President Gaius Baltar, our lovely hamster. We've had some offers already, so we're going to see what's best for him.
  • Form, documents etc. for Ubisoft, mostly for sorting out my work permit. I'm sending each of these as it's ready.
  • Call my Dad - I haven't talked to him about all of this yet, although he knows.
  • Sort out transport for coming back for the Aberddu event?
  • Some kind of party, so that the next month isn't just all stress?
  • Maybe organise a visit to Cambridge and/or London or any of the other places full of people I haven't seen in years, and probably won't see for ages after I LEAVE THE COUNTRY OH GOD

Ahem. Sorry about that. Off to call my Dad and eat some breakfast.
Tags: baltar, gaius, hamster, moving, stress
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