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(16:22:19) #gbs-fm: The topic for #gbs-fm is: GBS-FM: Your classic bread-and-butter internet radio station | Movie Night: Sunday School Musical
(16:23:20) golden_appel: lol at the spinal tap fan at the bbc who decided their video player's volume control should go up to 11
(16:23:47) eShep: I find that happens a lot on nbc's web stream
(16:24:09) eShep: not today though
(16:25:22) wererogue: Heya folks
(16:26:06) golden_appel: so many old white folks
(16:26:32) wererogue: Sooooo many
(16:26:32) golden_appel: i think the obamas are the only black people there in an official capacity
(16:26:56) golden_appel: except maybe one token black marine on duty
(16:27:02) wererogue: No, Colin powell was there, and a couple of others. But I take your point.
(16:27:44) golden_appel: i'm sure there are more, but i was only occasionally glancing at it and it seemed all white
(16:28:22) wererogue: There is a wall of white faces and white hair
(16:28:39) wererogue: I'd be working, but I'm delayed by technical difficulties
(16:28:44) wererogue: Which is convenient, really.
(16:29:24) Bulmer: that was a nice lady
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(16:30:04) wererogue: What feed are you folks watching?
(16:30:23) golden_appel: bbc here
(16:30:23) Farquar: haha, did nbc just take credit for "change"?
(16:30:52) wererogue: I'm enjoying the lack of commentary on the inaugural.senate.gov coverage
(16:30:54) Farquar: the bbc one just told me I neede javascript and flash, which I have, but didn't load the feed
(16:31:07) Bulmer: bbc news
(16:31:14) Bulmer: formerly news24
(16:31:25) Farquar: lol
(16:31:27) Bulmer: on the actual telly
(16:31:29) golden_appel: holy shit, wide shots of the crowd are pretty amazing
(16:31:33) Bulmer: I know, christ
(16:31:38) Bulmer: there's literally no space without people in
(16:31:42) wererogue: Bush looks like he thinks someone might shoot him!
(16:31:54) wererogue: He's doing all these shifty sidelong glances O_o
(16:32:04) Bulmer: talk about late to the party if someone does
(16:32:04) eShep: that'd be better than having to live out his legacy
(16:32:05) Longpig: a black person!
(16:32:09) eShep: worst president evar
(16:32:12) lowen: all the departing republicans look pissed
(16:32:17) Bulmer: oh god i'm a nerd, i thought the band started playing the cantina tune then
(16:32:26) golden_appel: that dude in the white scarf looks scary
(16:33:48) Farquar: is literacy still a problem in america?
(16:34:02) delf1n: depends on the area
(16:34:05) Stonefish: Yeah, but don't worry, they've nearly got rid of it :)
(16:34:14) wererogue: Probably more so since "no child left behind" ;)
(16:34:27) golden_appel: they're getting there, just a few backwaters and former presidents left to educate
(16:34:44) wererogue: I wonder what the people at the back can actually *see*?
(16:35:03) eShep: there's big screen teevees everywhere
(16:35:13) Bulmer: "honourable"
(16:35:15) wererogue: Well, I'd have hoped so...
(16:35:43) Bulmer: booooooooooooooo
(16:35:43) golden_appel: HISSSSS
(16:35:44) wererogue: Ladies and gentleman, the figurehead puppet, and evil puppetmaster!
(16:35:45) Bulmer: abooooooooooooo
(16:35:52) eShep: ooooooobs
(16:35:54) Farquar: YOU'RE DUMB AS A BUTT
(16:36:08) Longpig: I just heard someone say 'keep up the good work' to Bush O_o
(16:36:52) wererogue: "Hillary - I'm gonna screw yer husband one of these days, I'm telling ya"
(16:37:07) wererogue: Biden's teeth approach the doors...
(16:38:08) Bulmer: here he is!
(16:38:28) wererogue: He does look like a freaking rock star
(16:38:34) Bulmer: holy shit the crowd
(16:38:34) wererogue: It's eerie
(16:38:36) golden_appel: time to change feed, fed up with the bbc cutting away every 2 minutes to interview random people in the crowd
(16:38:45) Longpig: it's almost obama o'clock
(16:38:46) delf1n: ONE NATION UNDER A GROOVE
(16:39:03) wererogue: WITH RHYTHM AND BASS FOR ALL
(16:39:12) eShep: woo
(16:39:51) Valfar [butt@jew-9FBFF867.getinternet.no] entered the room.
(16:40:09) Bulmer: my word
(16:40:43) Longpig: here it comes
(16:40:54) Stonefish: Status report?
(16:41:01) wererogue: Soul train is arriving
(16:41:34) wererogue: Damn, that's still a lot of people
(16:41:34) Bulmer: haha
(16:41:41) Bulmer: woman with a sign that just says "WOW"
(16:41:44) golden_appel: wilson livinggood
(16:41:50) golden_appel: what a great name
(16:41:58) Bulmer: hah
(16:42:02) Bulmer: who's he?
(16:42:06) Longpig: " A BUNCH O OLD WHITE PEOPLE"
(16:42:14) wererogue: "Hi, I'm Wilson Livingood" "Glad to hear it!"
(16:42:19) golden_appel: some guy they just announced as accompanying obama
(16:43:09) Longpig: eeeee!!!!
(16:43:22) Bulmer: aw look, he's having a whale of a time
(16:43:24) Longpig: lol, they wouldn't say his middle name
(16:43:24) eShep: eeedeeee
(16:43:32) golden_appel: [Cheese and applause] Someone on the official subtitles is gonna get fired for that
(16:43:40) wererogue: closed captioning: "[cheese and applause]"
(16:43:43) Bulmer: man walks out, more people than i've ever seen are dramatically excited and happy
(16:43:43) wererogue: I shit you not
(16:43:46) Bulmer: that's pretty awesome
(16:43:48) Stonefish: Barack should probably just get up on stage, renounce all organised religion, bash the mic with his penis and then stagedive.
(16:43:49) Bulmer: hahaha
(16:43:57) Bulmer: well spotted wererogue
(16:44:07) wererogue: golden_appel beat me
(16:44:12) wererogue: ;)
(16:44:38) Farquar: cockslap the mic Wilkins style
(16:44:43) Stonefish: Precisely
(16:44:51) Bulmer: oh yeah
(16:44:56) Bulmer: well spotted appel :V
(16:45:06) Bulmer: the man with the midas name
(16:45:10) wererogue: This mah house now
(16:45:21) golden_appel: i'm glad wererogue confirmed it, thought i was seeing things
(16:45:23) Stonefish: is there an internet feed for this shit?
(16:45:28) Stonefish: TV not available.
(16:45:31) Bulmer: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/obama_inauguration/7837927.stm
(16:45:32) wererogue: I had to look twice
(16:45:36) Farquar: http://www.nbc.com/news/watch-the-inauguration-live-online/
(16:45:42) wererogue: Or http://inaugural.senate.gov/history/video/video-2009-obama.cfm
(16:45:44) Bulmer: any news site basically mate
(16:45:59) Stonefish: I figured they were all limited to their own country
(16:46:08) ***KilonumXP is watching on CSPAN
(16:46:14) Longpig: the senate.gov one has no commentators, which is nice
(16:46:18) wererogue: It's on joost and hulu too
(16:46:19) Bulmer: ooh, the ballot over the bullet. nice
(16:46:26) Bulmer: ahahah
(16:46:26) KilonumXP: neither does CSPAN
(16:46:28) golden_appel: i'm watching the gov one from the UK so I guess it's open to all
(16:46:31) wererogue: (although the hulu one is FOX)
(16:46:48) Bulmer: woman comments about no act of violence can ever top this moment of agreement, bbc cuts to a sheepish W
(16:47:04) wererogue: Noice
(16:47:20) Farquar: nbc's getting really choppy for me
(16:47:35) wererogue: Barack looks like he's *just* realised this is happening and is shitting bricks
(16:47:37) Longpig: probably about 12 billion people clogging the intertubes
(16:47:43) Bulmer: shitting baracks
(16:47:47) wererogue: Heh. Saddlebacking.
(16:48:09) Longpig: wow that is some serious bible thumping
(16:48:09) KilonumXP: fffffffffffff religion
(16:48:10) wererogue: "almighty pie..."
(16:48:12) eShep: fuck that guy
(16:48:14) lowen: booooo religion
(16:48:15) Saint_Jerome: boooooooo
(16:48:16) golden_appel: wtf is this?
(16:48:18) Saint_Jerome: boooooooooooo
(16:48:24) Longpig: Always takes me by surprise; I forget how into it the US is
(16:48:42) wererogue: Well it's bloody rick warren is what it is. Pastor of the saddleback church... this has been all over the net for WEEKS.
(16:48:47) Bulmer: if they don't get an equivalent person from alkl the religions up there, then this guy needs to fuck off as he's ruining the whole point of today if his is the only religion represented :(
(16:48:50) wererogue: People *HATE* that he's doing this.
(16:48:50) ***KilonumXP is in the US and denounces organized religion, especially CoS
(16:49:06) wererogue: He was a minor figurehead for prop 8, among others.
(16:49:14) golden_appel: he can't count, this would be the 43rd transfer of power, not the 44th
(16:49:28) wererogue: He told his church that they should be as devoted to jesus as the hitler youth were to adolph
(16:49:29) lowen: golden_appel: well spotted
(16:49:57) golden_appel: unless you counted the transfer of power from the people to the first president i guess
(16:50:02) Bulmer: oh, or religion? fuck off then
(16:50:41) KilonumXP: Oh shit the enclave is here
(16:51:00) Bulmer: I'm trying not to be too goony here but this is making me really uncomfortable. they might as well be drawing rings round all their nipples with sheep's blood, stop it! why is this allowed now!
(16:51:13) eShep: srsly
(16:51:22) Bulmer: shush! a quick word, a quick "hey, christianity's here", that'd be fine, nice even
(16:51:25) Bulmer: but he's still talking!!
(16:51:26) lowen: too many people in america are christians and hate athiests
(16:51:30) golden_appel: as a warm-up act for the main gig, this guy sucks
(16:51:30) KilonumXP: (anyone who didn't get that joke needs to go play Fallout 3)
(16:51:37) Bulmer: i'm not asking for a speech by richard dawkins
(16:51:41) delf1n: fuck you, Falwell Jr, get off the stage
(16:51:42) eShep: I am
(16:51:47) golden_appel: someone throw a bottle of piss at him
(16:51:47) Bulmer: well.
(16:51:49) Bulmer: yes
(16:51:54) Bulmer: okay i am, but i don't expect to get one
(16:51:56) Bulmer: just... not this!
(16:51:58) lowen: hahahah what SAAASSHAHAAA
(16:52:11) Bulmer: HE'S STILL TALKING!
(16:52:19) wererogue: There was going to be *some* kind of Christian address. I'd have been ok with that. Just not him.
(16:52:25) lowen: he's preying wtf
(16:52:26) lowen: a
(16:52:28) delf1n: Lead us not into temptation because we already can find it
(16:52:45) Stonefish: <--- Church goes here State goes here --->
(16:52:55) lowen: yeeaaaah woooooooo he's off the stage
(16:52:58) wererogue: Aretha?!
(16:53:00) Longpig: whoah hat :o
(16:53:00) eShep: wooo, go away
(16:53:02) golden_appel: "in earth as it is in heaven", guess they're having an economic crisis up there too
(16:53:03) eShep: never come back
(16:53:08) wererogue: lol
(16:53:28) Longpig: My cunt...ry tis of thee
(16:53:36) Bulmer: heheh
(16:53:37) Stonefish: Urethra
(16:53:39) Longpig: Still, classy choice for a singer
(16:53:41) delf1n: Aretha was invited because she narrowly fits into the District of Columbia
(16:53:58) delf1n: if they'd held it in Rhode Island they might've had a problem
(16:54:03) Sonya: she sounds awful
(16:54:03) golden_appel: Funkadelic would have been the better choice
(16:54:11) Longpig: I like how they just rewrote the words to God Save the QUeen
(16:54:11) Bulmer: hehe
(16:54:13) Bulmer: yeah delfin
(16:54:17) Stonefish: :rock:
(16:54:19) delf1n: wait wait
(16:54:22) Sonya: I woke up just in time!
(16:54:25) delf1n: didn't they say "the national anthem?"
(16:54:29) Sonya: no
(16:54:32) Longpig: no
(16:54:32) Bulmer: lead us not into tempation, thanks for helping out so far, but i've got a good list of bookmarks at this point
(16:54:32) Stonefish: yes
(16:54:33) wererogue: I know - it's freaky
(16:54:38) Stonefish: what's she singing?
(16:54:46) Sonya: My Country Tis of Thee
(16:54:48) Stonefish: I've barely caught a word
(16:54:49) golden_appel: wow, i only just realised where i knew the tune from
(16:54:52) wererogue: THAT would have been hilarious
(16:55:05) golden_appel: bloody colonials
(16:55:09) Sonya: oh fucking god end it aretha
(16:55:13) wererogue: Now, the nations anthem: // GOD SAVE OUR GRACIOUS QUEEN...
(16:55:25) delf1n: I thought she was going into It's Raining Men for a second there
(16:55:30) Stonefish: loul
(16:55:42) Longpig: that would rock
(16:55:52) Longpig: "threat ring"
(16:55:56) golden_appel: THREAT RING
(16:55:59) wererogue: I just saw that!#
(16:56:10) delf1n: BOOOOOOOOOO
(16:56:14) delf1n: fuck off Feinstein
(16:56:34) Sonya: ALL YOU NIGGAS STAND UP
(16:56:37) Sonya: AND RESPEK
(16:56:42) Sonya: look at that book
(16:56:44) Sonya: holy shit
(16:56:48) wererogue: Now, I introduce one old white guy to introduce another white guy.
(16:57:04) Longpig: his middle name is Robinette?
(16:57:07) Stonefish: Live long and prosper
(16:57:07) Longpig: buh?>
(16:57:11) Sonya: its his mothers maiden name
(16:57:20) Sonya: that is common as a middle name for a certain age of people
(16:57:33) wererogue: It is also his DOD security question
(16:57:42) Sonya: SO HELP ME GOD
(16:58:10) Stonefish: vice president of the united BUFFERING
(16:58:14) Sonya: hahahaha
(16:58:16) golden_appel: some nice man-on-man action there
(16:58:36) Sonya: Hurry up its almost noon you fags
(16:58:49) Longpig: are they gonna say Barack's middle name this time
(16:58:56) Sonya: god I love Perlman
(16:58:59) golden_appel: yo-yo ma
(16:59:07) Sonya: hes not as good as Menuhin
(16:59:13) Stonefish: lol pianist
(16:59:13) golden_appel: hell yeah, john williams
(16:59:22) golden_appel: hope he based it off the imperial march
(16:59:27) wererogue: [Indiana Jones Theme]
(17:00:21) delf1n: bahaha, BBC covering the demise of Harrison
(17:00:33) Stonefish: :hist101:
(17:00:42) golden_appel: must be hard work playing a cello outdoors in those temperatures
(17:01:07) Sonya: I cant believe the violin sounds so good when its so cold
(17:01:30) wererogue: Maybe they had it in a heated case
(17:01:36) Sonya: I cant believe that cnn just fucking interrupted
(17:01:38) Sonya: this music
(17:01:46) Sonya: to say he is president
(17:01:47) Sonya: you faggots
(17:02:00) delf1n: Aretha needed to sing this instead http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qE41YPdPuis
(17:02:03) wererogue: Wait - did John Williams just rip off "Lord of the Dance"
(17:02:04) wererogue: ?
(17:02:17) golden_appel: haha
(17:02:20) Sonya: John Williams does what John Williams wants
(17:02:25) golden_appel: it does sound a lot like it
(17:02:50) wererogue: Maybe they asked him to?
(17:03:00) wererogue: Really, Obama should be riverdancing right now.
(17:03:03) golden_appel: John Williams declares Obama the new Dance Commander
(17:03:17) Sonya: john williams is awful and perlman still sounds great
(17:03:28) wererogue: Givin' out the orders for fun
(17:03:36) Sonya: TAKE THE OATH NIGGA
(17:03:43) Sonya: YOU PRESDENT NOW
(17:03:43) delf1n: A Chicago black guy doing Irish line dancing would explode minds worldwide
(17:04:02) lowen: no one's more irish than barrack o'bama
(17:04:09) wererogue: Breaking barriers
(17:04:15) Sonya: oh shit people screamin
(17:04:18) wererogue: Or even better - breakin' barriers?
(17:04:19) Sonya: he a celeb
(17:04:23) Sonya: celeb president
(17:04:29) Longpig: here we go here we go
(17:04:38) golden_appel: showtime
(17:04:41) Sonya: already fucked up
(17:04:44) Sonya: hes so excited
(17:04:54) eShep: this is it!
(17:04:57) Stonefish: execute BUFFERING
(17:04:57) delf1n: GO HAM ON 'EM BARACK GO HAM ON 'EM
(17:05:00) wererogue: DON'T TALK OVER BARACK, BITCH
(17:05:00) Sonya: COP CARS
(17:05:01) Longpig: oh they did say his middle name
(17:05:02) golden_appel: oh fuck obama
(17:05:08) golden_appel: didn't you learn this beforehand?
(17:05:38) Longpig: cut him some slack he's afraid he's gonna get shot
(17:05:45) wererogue: There was last minute media warbling about how they might not.
(17:05:55) golden_appel: hail to the chief, baby
(17:06:08) Sonya: LOOK AT THOSE CANNONS
(17:06:15) eShep: KABOOM!
(17:06:25) Bulmer: aaagh my boss on phone making me miss it!
(17:06:31) Bulmer: recording
(17:06:42) Sonya: bulmer its not like you're not going to see 20k clips of it
(17:06:46) Sonya: everywhere you go
(17:06:52) Sonya: the internet will be vomiting
(17:06:52) golden_appel: for the next month
(17:06:54) Sonya: this
(17:06:58) lowen: this is something a lot of people (including me) want to see live
(17:06:59) Sonya: god INC SPEECH
(17:07:04) Stonefish: If I were the guy doing the swearing in, I'd really accentuate "Hussein" just for a laugh
(17:07:21) wererogue: I was thinking that!
(17:07:44) delf1n: he 'serviced' it, all right
(17:07:48) Farquar: I can look back and say "I saw it live on a 3 inch screen and heard almost half of the words through the buffering" :patriot:
(17:07:52) Stonefish: Bush for his services to our nation.... such as it was :)
(17:07:58) wererogue: I thank president bush for... man, something, I guess.
(17:08:08) Stonefish: leaving :0
(17:08:27) delf1n: I thank President Bush for not shitting on the desk more than once every other month
(17:08:30) Stonefish: setting the bar low
(17:08:58) Bulmer: I knew, I KNEW he'd call during thisa
(17:09:00) Bulmer: ffs
(17:09:06) Bulmer: watching now
(17:09:12) delf1n: I thank President Bush for figuring out how to eat a pretzel in less than ten tries
(17:09:22) Bulmer: i saw (some of) it live on 37" bitches
(17:09:26) golden_appel: i thank president bush. now here's a complete list of his fuck-ups
(17:09:36) wererogue: Good call mate - tell people RIGHT NOW that you've got a hard job ahead.
(17:10:06) Sonya: I heard President Bush can eat 50 eggs
(17:10:14) Valfar: lol http://media.aftenposten.no/archive/00946/US-FINANCE-ECONOMY-_946377a.jpg
(17:10:18) Bulmer: hahah fuck yeah barack
(17:10:18) Farquar: nobody can eat fifty eggs.
(17:10:36) Sonya: Hes getting black now
(17:10:39) wererogue: I heard he can eat 3 pounds of ham
(17:10:45) Bulmer: no, george could only eat four dozen eggs every morning to help him get large
(17:10:50) Bulmer: but barack obama eats FIVE dozen eggs
(17:11:03) delf1n: AND ON THIS DAY... Sarah Palin. Really, were they kidding? Anyway, ON THIS DAY...
(17:11:12) Bulmer: hahah
(17:11:18) golden_appe1 [spork@jew-602B0869.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] entered the room.
(17:11:19) Sonya: it would be cool if someone ran her over with a snowmobile
(17:11:29) Sonya: or a "snow machine" as they call them in alaska
(17:11:32) Bulmer: it'd be awesome if she streaked the inaugration
(17:11:36) Bulmer: think of that
(17:11:53) Bulmer: the internet would probably forgive her for partying hard
(17:12:03) Farquar: when are they going to show janet jackson's tits?
(17:12:13) delf1n: or if she's not available they could get Tina Fey to do it
(17:12:21) Sonya: when is janet jackson going to put keyboard on head?
(17:12:23) Stonefish: I can get behind that
(17:12:27) Saint_Jerome: http://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/Bush-Street-Disappears-in-SF-Overnight.html
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(17:13:20) golden_appe1 is now known as golden_appel
(17:13:48) Bulmer: fuck yes, science
(17:13:54) wererogue: SCIENCE!
(17:14:01) eShep: SCIENCE!!!!
(17:14:31) Stonefish: Shit, he's good
(17:14:34) wererogue: What...?!
(17:14:41) Whatbot: ^______^ http://www.wakachan.org/os/src/1232471684937.jpg
(17:14:44) wererogue: SUN-CAT-HELICOPTER?!
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(17:16:51) wererogue: A charter my predecessor may or may not have read...
(17:16:57) lowen: hahaha
(17:16:59) Sonya: FUCK SAFETY
(17:17:09) golden_appel: feed cuts to dubya trying to figure out what expedient means
(17:17:13) Saint_Jerome: since when has american been about safety
(17:17:14) Saint_Jerome: never
(17:17:21) Sonya: Dubya is already doing LINES AND LINES of coke
(17:17:21) Stonefish: we are ready to lead once more?
(17:17:28) Longpig: man I don't wanna leave and go to Welsh class :(
(17:17:29) Stonefish: that's... unsettling..
(17:17:34) wererogue: Every time he talks about America's responsibilities it cuts to bush
(17:17:37) Sonya: Stonefish: we've been falling out of favour for a long time
(17:17:56) Sonya: we're not considered the world power we once were, mostly because of iraq
(17:17:57) Stonefish: I had noticed.
(17:17:57) Whatbot: ^______^ http://www.wakachan.org/os/src/1232471909574.jpg
(17:18:08) Sonya: its been a PR nightmare
(17:18:10) wererogue: Gah - I though he was going to say "WE ARE THE KEY AND THE GATE"
(17:18:18) Longpig: IA!
(17:18:29) Farquar: I am the keymaster!
(17:18:30) golden_appel: so refreshing to hear a president pronounce nuclear properly again
(17:19:03) Sonya: oh shit
(17:19:03) delf1n: NON-BELIEVERS SHOUTOUT
(17:19:06) Sonya: he just gave a shout out
(17:19:08) Sonya: to athiests
(17:19:11) golden_appel: no shout-out for the buddhists?
(17:19:11) Sonya: loololl RAD
(17:19:13) Longpig: I'm impressed
(17:19:15) wererogue: Woo yeah!
(17:19:28) Sonya: oh please if he were to list off every religion hed be there longer than Harrison
(17:19:28) Saint_Jerome: WERD
(17:19:32) Saint_Jerome: TO MY HEATHEN BROTHERS
(17:20:48) golden_appel: i think the closed captioning on the official feed is using cellphone predictive text
(17:20:50) Sonya: Wielding Technology's Wonders ist he new Bootstraps
(17:21:02) Stonefish: I approve
(17:22:06) delf1n: "I?m listening on Rush Limbaugh- he did say ?So help me God?...however, he did NOT say the Lord?s prayer when Rev. Warren said it..."
(17:22:06) KilonumXP: !wiki Wiliam Henry Harrison
(17:22:08) Whatbot: KilonumXP, wikipedia says: Wikipedia does not have an article with this exact name. Please search for Wiliam Henry Harrison in Wikipedia to check for alternative titles or spellings.
(17:22:08) Whatbot: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wiliam_Henry_Harrison
(17:22:22) KilonumXP: !wiki William Henry Harrison
(17:22:25) Whatbot: KilonumXP, wikipedia says: President William Henry Harrison, in an 1841 Daguerreotype portrait by Moore and Ward.
(17:22:25) Whatbot: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Henry_Harrison
(17:22:39) Sonya: Nevertheless, he faced the weather without his overcoat and delivered the longest inaugural address in American history. At 8,444 words, it took nearly two hours to read (even after his friend and fellow Whig, Daniel Webster, had edited it for length).
(17:22:58) delf1n: "America is screwed. The country is going to be one big Detroit."
(17:23:12) Sonya: I sure hope not
(17:23:13) delf1n: "I also refused to watch. Barack Hussien Obama aka Barry Soetoro is not my President since he is not eligible to be President. Anything he does or signs will mean nothing and will not be law."
(17:23:21) wererogue: Must... not... hear... doodies...
(17:23:44) lowen: doodies
(17:23:50) Stonefish: lol cellphone
(17:23:50) eShep: DOODIES
(17:24:05) delf1n: oh jesus
(17:24:12) Longpig: courage.... doody... honour
(17:24:20) delf1n: "We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and non-believers. Jews are after the Muslims."
(17:24:22) wererogue: Dix?
(17:24:36) delf1n left the room (quit: Quit: CGI:IRC ).
(17:24:49) delf1n [95181e03@3A364A15.E8F46390.7331C6DF.IP] entered the room.
(17:25:30) Sonya: GOD BLESS YOU
(17:25:37) Sonya: he must be a nice guy cuz he says that
(17:25:41) Sonya: like all nigerian spammers
(17:26:04) Sonya: W looks pissed
(17:26:07) Bulmer: grumpy bush clapping slowly behind him
(17:26:21) wererogue: MAH HOWS
(17:26:23) Sonya: hes mad cuz he didnt understand words
(17:26:45) wererogue: He's probably mad 'cause Barack said his country was crappy.
(17:26:57) Longpig: dang now I have no excuse to skip class; he's done
(17:27:19) delf1n: "I was crying when I heard Pastor Rick Warren read the Lord's Prayer... ...crying with gratitude that we could still hear an unabashedly Christian -and Jewish- prayer read out loud at a public event."
(17:27:34) Sonya: ugh
(17:27:35) Sonya: poetry
(17:27:41) Sonya: read by a poet
(17:27:50) wererogue: Man, that's deep
(17:27:52) Saint_Jerome: http://isobamapresident.com/
(17:27:55) Sonya: awful
(17:27:56) wererogue: "or not"
(17:27:57) golden_appel: it's not even one of those poems that rhymes
(17:27:59) delf1n: ".... his ? So help me god?...is to a false god..that is why he can say that..."
(17:28:00) Sonya: I hate poetry
(17:28:13) Bulmer: I don't mind it when it's read out properlyu
(17:28:19) Bulmer: but
(17:28:20) Bulmer: not
(17:28:21) Bulmer: like
(17:28:21) Bulmer: this
(17:28:23) delf1n: I love Free Republic
(17:28:29) eShep: iambic pentamnetor
(17:28:45) golden_appel: waiting for the butte?
(17:28:48) Farquar: that's an excellent website
(17:28:56) wererogue: It is
(17:28:57) Sonya: declaimed?
(17:29:03) Sonya: shes making up words
(17:29:05) Saint_Jerome: damn it just crashed
(17:29:16) Sonya: too much fat black poetry chick for your stream
(17:29:30) delf1n: "I just finished signing up for the NRA and bid on another 250 rounds of .223 on gunbroker."
(17:29:34) wererogue: Man, this isn't going on any posters.
(17:29:45) Bulmer: haha, couldn't turn the page
(17:29:52) Sonya: PICKED THE COTTON
(17:29:54) Sonya: AND THE LETTUCE
(17:30:06) eShep: SIMILE
(17:30:09) Sonya: PRAISE SONG
(17:30:09) eShep: METAPHOR
(17:30:13) Sonya: what
(17:30:16) Sonya: this is awful
(17:30:35) eShep: prose, plz.
(17:30:36) golden_appel: what is love?
(17:30:46) Sonya: baby
(17:30:48) Sonya: dont hurt me
(17:30:49) wererogue: WHAT IF THE MIGHTIEST WORD IS LOVE
(17:30:52) Sonya: shes like william shatner
(17:30:52) eShep: no more
(17:31:00) Sonya: he needs to cover that song
(17:31:03) delf1n: When did Obama appoint a Vogon to be the new poet laureate
(17:31:09) Bulmer: god
(17:31:17) wererogue: WE'RE NO STRANGERS TO LOVE
(17:31:19) Sonya: moderate clapping
(17:31:24) Bulmer: i hate the way she's talking, like we don't speak english or we're a disobediant child
(17:31:32) wererogue: YOU KNOW THE RULES... AND SO DO I
(17:31:44) Bulmer: NEVER.
(17:31:46) Bulmer: GOING.
(17:31:46) Sonya: OMG
(17:31:47) Bulmer: TO.
(17:31:48) Sonya: THIS OLD GUY
(17:31:52) delf1n: "Join your local GOP. We need to control the state governments fast. If this gets crazy, we need to be able to leave to preserve our freedoms. "
(17:31:53) Sonya: this guy is gonna drop dead
(17:31:57) Sonya: from being old
(17:31:58) Bulmer: oh awesokme
(17:32:06) Bulmer: listen to this guy's voice, he's pretty cool
(17:32:12) golden_appel: oh wow
(17:32:18) Saint_Jerome: he's half dead
(17:32:19) delf1n: gahahahahahaha, hillaryis44
(17:32:22) delf1n: It?s the opposite of Martin Luther King?s ?character, not color? dream. But it is a dream come true alright. It?s a dream come true for the unqualified, race-baiting, and gay-bashing, and woman hating, Barack Obama.
(17:32:27) golden_appel: they should have had this guy read the poetry
(17:32:30) delf1n: The heart-breaking news for long-suffering Americans is that Barack Obama, sold by his Big Media masters as change, is The Third Bush Term.
(17:32:51) eShep: oh goodness, he's running out of batteries
(17:33:01) Sonya: someone crank him up
(17:33:01) KilonumXP: sometimes, I hate the internet
(17:33:36) Bulmer: he sure does hate women
(17:33:37) delf1n: Martin Luther King would not have been happy with the race-baiting Obama and those who put color above character in judging whom to vote for. Martin Luther King did not have this dream, it was his nightmare.
(17:34:02) Stonefish: well, that's half a point
(17:34:07) Bulmer: he's always got the one he married with him, and ooooh, he kicks her, he slaps her with books
(17:34:10) Bulmer: all on live tv!
(17:34:10) Saint_Jerome: that's such bullshit considering a ton of blacks actually didn't vote for obama
(17:34:21) Saint_Jerome: it was a much smaller pecentage than expected, based on polls
(17:34:37) Saint_Jerome: african americans tend to be conservative
(17:34:56) Bulmer: but the choice to vote for obama was all about character
(17:35:07) Bulmer: never mind colour, never mind even his politics particularly
(17:35:10) Stonefish: Anyone who wanted barack because he was black, or hillary/palin because they were allegedly women, is a waste of an opinion
(17:35:11) Bulmer: everyone just liked the guy
(17:35:33) Sonya: lol
(17:35:34) Sonya: the fuck
(17:35:38) Sonya: this man is awesome
(17:35:40) Sonya: can he be president?
(17:35:48) Stonefish: ?
(17:35:54) Sonya: hes over 120, he fits into Patton Oswalt's criteria
(17:36:09) Saint_Jerome: lol
(17:36:16) fraggsta [dong@jew-7B82A656.jrw6.net] entered the room.
(17:36:17) Saint_Jerome: he can kill anyone he wants
(17:36:19) Saint_Jerome: no consequences
(17:36:22) Saint_Jerome: oh patton
(17:36:24) Sonya: as long as he can do it with his hands
(17:36:40) Sonya: "when black would not be asked to get back"
(17:36:46) Sonya: OH
(17:36:48) fraggsta: My hot Russian (female) dentist has been replaced by a > 50 y/o matronly type battleaxe with a Polish accent who violated my face D:
(17:36:49) golden_appel: he rhymes better than poet lady too
(17:36:58) Bulmer: right
(17:37:00) Bulmer: he was cool
(17:37:10) Bulmer: Why couldn't we have him instead of that wanker evangelist
(17:37:20) KilonumXP: fraggsta missed all the good parts of the inauguration
(17:37:21) golden_appel: i thought he was going to break into a hip-hop style at the end there
(17:37:39) fraggsta: KilonumXP: eh I'll download it or something
(17:37:50) wererogue: Don't fuck off until Barack's gone, bitches
(17:37:52) Sonya: THIS is the national anthem
(17:37:53) Beelzebozo [beelzebozo@beelzebozo.org] entered the room.
(17:37:53) #gbs-fm: mode (+o Beelzebozo) by ChanServ
(17:38:17) Beelzebozo left the room (quit: Quit: X-Chat Aqua 0.16.0/2.6.1).
(17:38:17) wererogue: so proudly we stared, at the something some something
(17:38:25) Sonya: that is the exact lyrics
(17:38:47) Bulmer: did that say bombs bursting? when the hell was this written, 1975?
(17:38:50) wererogue: As sung by genuine americans
(17:38:53) golden_appel: bombs bursting in the air? you guys have much more kick-ass lyrics than our national anthem
(17:38:57) delf1n left the room (quit: Quit: CGI:IRC (Ping timeout)).
(17:39:00) Saint_Jerome: THE BUSH YEARS ARE OVER
(17:39:01) Saint_Jerome: THE BUSH YEARS ARE OVER
(17:39:01) Saint_Jerome: THE BUSH YEARS ARE OVER
(17:39:07) wererogue: Hell yes. That's like the best known line
(17:39:13) fraggsta: So when do we get to the part where a gunman assassinates Obama?
(17:39:20) Bulmer: seriously, how new is that song that it can refer to something that we ONLY JUST INVENTED
(17:39:21) KilonumXP: Bulmer: 1814 while your navy was shooting at one of our forts
(17:39:24) lowen: hopefully never
(17:39:28) wererogue: Chalicer: "QUICK INVADE WHILE THEY'RE ALL ASLEEP"
(17:39:34) Saint_Jerome: well the US is very young
(17:39:38) wererogue: During awesome old dude's speech
(17:39:45) Bulmer: wow, in 1814 bombs must've literally been black balls with a fuse coming out
(17:39:51) fraggsta: He's so popular that there are bound to be nutjobs with guns who want to kill him. If there's one thing I know America has, it's nutjobs with guns.
(17:40:12) KilonumXP: Bulmer: bombs in this sense meaning cannon shells
(17:40:22) Bulmer: interesting!
(17:40:24) Saint_Jerome: he's also the best protected man in the world, though
(17:40:32) Saint_Jerome: probably better protected than any president previous
(17:40:40) fraggsta: that's true
(17:40:54) Bulmer: he has motherfucking STAIRS in his white house
(17:40:54) fraggsta: but unless he makes speeches from a perspex box like the Popemobile, there will always be danger
(17:40:55) golden_appel: 4 have been assassinated to date, so that's 11:1 odds
(17:41:20) Saint_Jerome: he kind of did during his speech when he was elected
(17:41:21) wererogue: Bulmer: OMG YOUR RIGHT
(17:41:22) Bulmer: the man who buttbuttinates obama will be the most hated man possible
(17:41:25) Saint_Jerome: bullet proof glass on every angle
(17:41:41) wererogue: He'd damned well BETTER be well protected
(17:41:41) Bulmer: imagine what will happen to him when he meets a large black man in prison
(17:41:46) Saint_Jerome: http://www.whitehouse.gov/
(17:41:48) fraggsta: Saint_Jerome: Yeah but if he goes around hugging so many people, eventually one of them could have a knife, or a bomb!
(17:41:50) Saint_Jerome: new white house website
(17:41:57) Saint_Jerome: now open for business
(17:42:07) KilonumXP: Bulmer: nah, even the liberals will be calling for his execution
(17:42:42) fraggsta: also local anaesthetic is weird
(17:42:59) fraggsta: part of my face feels like some nice tender meat
(17:43:20) wererogue: The shit's hit the fan already - apparently Justice Roberts skipped the part of the Oath about defending the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, and the right wingers have exploded.
(17:43:28) golden_appel: with a 11:1 assassination ratio, president must be up there in the world's most dangerous jobs list
(17:45:19) golden_appel: although its an admittedly small sample to base the statistic on
(17:45:22) adante: plus the unsuccessfully attempts
(17:46:02) lowen: well, presidents have long terms
(17:46:20) Pres_Barack_Obama [8a578f10@8855C9CB.9253B0A4.48B16217.IP] entered the room.
(17:46:43) golden_appel: all stand
(17:46:43) Pres_Barack_Obama: Hello, is this pirate Internet radio station GBS-FM?
(17:46:48) Bulmer is now known as Pres_Barack_OBulmer
(17:46:56) Pres_Barack_OBulmer: hurray
(17:47:23) Pres_Barack_OBulmer: hello mr president
(17:47:25) fraggsta: ok guys time to forget about hope and realise that actually the economy is fucked
(17:47:33) Pres_Barack_Obama: Hello, Mr. OBulmer.
(17:47:34) Pres_Barack_OBulmer: what will be your first act as president mr president?
(17:47:49) Sonya: listening tot he stream on his zune
(17:47:56) Sonya: hes here to request "FUCK DA POLICE"
(17:48:02) Pres_Barack_Obama: My first official act as president will be to GET DOWN WIT MY BAD SELF!
(17:48:10) fraggsta: Obama has been doing important things, like dropping his Blackberry and listening to his Zune!
(17:48:40) Pres_Barack_Obama: Haha, that was a joke. Actually, I hope to speak to Congress about my economic stimulus package, then to sign into law the Freedom of Choice Act.
(17:48:56) golden_appel: his first act will be to get Microsoft on the hotline and tell them 'no more fuckups with the firmware'
(17:48:57) Pres_Barack_OBulmer is now known as Bulmer
(17:49:28) Bulmer: good idea barrack.
(17:49:31) Pres_Barack_Obama: I hope no one was watching me take my oath. I sure muddled that up! Boy, is my face proverbially red!
(17:49:53) Bulmer: you should also close guantanamo bay, make friends with iraq, and buy gbs-fm from kalleboo and keep it open
(17:50:05) golden_appel: all the white-haired folk are getting into a helicopter
(17:50:10) Sonya: yeah you said one word wrong
(17:50:15) Sonya: out of order
(17:50:18) golden_appel: flying straight back to the republican retirement home
(17:50:19) Sonya: because roberts said it wrong
(17:50:24) Sonya: that means you're a bad president
(17:50:34) Sonya: CHENEY IN WHEELCHAIR
(17:50:41) Bulmer: TURTLE POWER
(17:50:45) golden_appel: cheny radiating evil
(17:50:46) Pres_Barack_Obama: Sonya: I do hope you won't hold it against me :/
(17:50:49) golden_appel: *cheney
(17:50:53) Sonya: wellI already voted for you
(17:50:55) Farquar: yeah, we all believe he had a "moving accident"
(17:50:57) Sonya: nothin I can do about it now
(17:51:13) Farquar: and not a heart filled with lead
(17:51:21) golden_appel: you're doing it wrong secret service guys
Tags: barack obama, historic, inauguration, presedential
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