Ian Hatch (wererogue) wrote,
Ian Hatch

Canadian Election Results

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As a non-Canadian voter (i.e. I did not vote in the Canadian Election, due to being ineligible) my opinion holds little to no weight, but as a prospective Canadian I've been extremely interested in the results of this year's election.

My first reaction to the news that Stephen Harper had gained a strengthened minority this morning was disappointment, that Canada is going to have another four years of Conservative government. The New Democratic Party gained eight seats, which is one of the movements I was looking for this election, but wasn't exactly the slide I was hoping for, and doesn't raise my hopes of there being an NDP government or even opposition next time around (in total, the Bloc still got more seats!)

I'm a little angry at the low voter turnout - if there had been high numbers, I could at least concede that a LOT of Canadians wanted a conservative leader. However, with the low turnout, all I can conclude is that Conservative voters turned up. Again, not being a Canadian voter, I have no right to complain.

Ah well. I can only hope that the NDP momentum holds up for the next 16-28 years.

Work's good right now, as such - a colleague going on paternity leave has given me the opportunity to run the end of a project in his absence, which is going pretty well. There are a few sticky bugs to clear today on the PS2 version of the game, and then we should clear the last issues in the Wii version by the end of the week. I'm enjoying taking lead, and I'm hoping that this is a step towards taking on a project from the start, or at least taking technical design responsibilities. I *am* pretty weary, though!

We've also started a "code club" at work - a kind of extra-curricular session wherein we stay at work to experiment with the things that we'd like to work on - the things that get pushed aside for ever-closing deadlines and last-minute bugs. We're all looking to integrate with PhyreEngine, which is an interesting idea - it would be nice to work in a framework that already provided the basics of a game engine, and PE seems to go a ways beyond that.
Tags: canada, election, life, phyreengine, politics, work
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