Ian Hatch (wererogue) wrote,
Ian Hatch

Candian Debates

A lot of my notes are paraphrased, and all from the CBC translations, but here they are:

01:15 Well, the first thing that struck me so far is that the party leaders are going into much greater depth than the American candidates and raising coherent attacks and defences - Harper included, whether or not I agree with his opinions.

01:20 We've strayed off topic into the environment early, but Harper's being slaughtered on it.

01:37 The poor moderator! They're all bickering like school children. Nobody seems to have any relevant points on listeriosis.

01:40 Interesting that Liz May is opposed to having an organisation other than the government to oversee environmental policy. It seems to me that such an agency would make the green party redundant.

Shorter Jack: "We wanted to do that but Steve wouldn't let us". Only Jack is willing to let someone else explicitly handle the environment for the government - to me, that says he's not afraid to be forced to adhere, which is encouraging.

01:45 Nobody likes Steve. Liz May just called him a liar, and a fraud! He's responding with "It wasn't our fault - the liberals did it" - which I understand is somewhat valid, but his follow-up of "our targets are actually really aggressive" didn't go down well - nobody believes it. Liz May, while not in possession of the floor: "He just doesn't understand the issue!"

01:48 Jack Layton always looks like he's holding a royal flush - I can't decide whether it comes across as confident or smug. In contrast, Steph Dion looks serious and engaged, but he just keeps repeating "The Liberal plan! The green shift!", which is a big disappointment to me - I was given to understand the debate was Dion's big chance to show his intelligence and leadership.

01:52 Dion responded to Harper with a strong attack, but turned to his plan again! I know that he thinks this is his chance to explain his plan, but he's missed his chance.

01:55 "Say one good thing about the person to your left" ... "perhaps you didn't understand the question, Ms. May" ! Classic.

01:55 Jack on Steph: "We can work together".

01:56 Steve on Jack: "We've worked together. We've agreed on some things." ... "You're honest".

01:57 Steph on Giles: "He does his best to help Quebec." Actually, aside from that, he gave a great answer.

01:58 Liz on Steve: "Mr. Harper's very strong. You're a good father. Your kids are lovely. Your efforts for Canada are based on your principles". She went on to talk about how dangerous his principles were, but it was a good effort.

02:02 Lis May is the first person to mention human rights at all this campaign, as far as I can tell - but it was in reference to an old speech mentioned by Jack.

02:03 It's rich to hear all of these people saying that campaigns don't need personal attacks.

02:04 Dion's on the attack! Everyone Harper doesn't agree with is a Liberal to him. Giles brings up the Conservative statement that the Bloc were a waste of money and votes.

02:07 Steve: "I'm not saying I'm perfect. But I have run the longest-running minority government in this country's history".

02:09 On to gun control. Jack supports a ban on semi-autos and also community bans on handguns, alongside youth counselling.

02:10 The moderator seems to have trouble with people's names O_o Harper's tried to shunt the blame to the Liberals again - "We're using the Liberals classifications". Dion, May and Duceppe support a ban, although Duceppe has brought up prisons, which has obviously been an important issue to him, but it's shunted the debate.

02:15 Liz may to Harper: "You are fearmongering". Dion: "We need a liberal government".

02:21 The mint ice-cream I'm making has basically set, but it's a bit watery. The other ice-cream hasn't set at all yet, but it didn't have the kick-start that the other ice-cream did.

02:45 I still like Jack's plan for GP student loans
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