Ian Hatch (wererogue) wrote,
Ian Hatch

The weird thing that came out of my mouth

I've had a weird thing in my mouth for a few years now - beneath the flesh under my tongue. It was hard, and embedded in a growth at the base of my tongue. The only person who ever noticed it without it being pointed out was i_hate_monday who said something along the lines of "holy hell what the fuck is that?!". Everyone who I've pointed it out to said something along the lines of "huh" and quickly changed the topic of conversation, which is fair enough.

I'm currently trying to stop biting my nails, and longpig doesn't like me fiddling with my wedding ring (she thinks I'll lose it, which is a pretty good point), so yesterday while reading Lovecraft in the laundromat apparently my subconscious decided that the next habit should be "scratch at the weird thing in my mouth". By the time I noticed what I was doing I was bleeding a little and had exposed the top of the thing - it looked a little like a tiny tooth, or something.

Today, I had a poke at it while looking in the mirror with a fingernail, and noticed that I could rotate it in the little hole it was in. I moved it back and forth a bit, and the whole thing just fell out, leaving a massive hole in the growth in which it was embedded.

longpig took some photos for me:

Since it dried out, I've been able to pick a couple of flakes off the sides of it, but I still have no real idea what it is.

My tongue's more mobile now, though - it used to get tight trying to reach the opposite side of my mouth!
Tags: dentistry, gross
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