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A couple of snags, and a bonus

I've been ill since yesterday, which is no real surprise, since I've been eating anything and everything since the wedding, with no real thought as to how it might affect me.

The real problem to our plans, however, was that nowhere in Miramichi had any cars for us to rent. The plan was: rent a car, head to Fundy National Park for a couple of days, then return the car in Fredericton.

Jennifer drove to Moncton yesterday, so we thought briefly about getting our stuff together and driving down there with her, and renting a car there. However, only one rental location (in Dieppe) had any cars, and they were going to charge us $125 just to return it in Fredericton.

So, on the offchance, I called a couple of places in Fredericton to see if they had any cars left. One place had one car left, so I caught a bus out to Fredericton and drove the car back to Miramichi.

This is that car:

It's a little pricey, but you know what? I don't really mind.

We have to return it by open of business on Sunday, which means that we have it on Saturday night for visiting Fredericton peeps :V
Tags: car, holiday, mustang convertible
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