Ian Hatch (wererogue) wrote,
Ian Hatch

Canada 2008, day 1

... where day 0 was the end of the day we landed.

We've been settling in, but we also got a lot done yesterday. We got our marriage license, which was a bit fraught but turned out ok. We bought a bunch of stuff for the wedding and reception, and we arranged to meet the Pastor who is performing the service.

In the course of that, we took a stroll through Miramichi. I've been here before, but I thought it was a good chance to share some of Canada with you.

Brian and Jennifer's house:

Brian and Jennifer's garden:

Jennifer's sister, Mary's house, opposite Brian and Jen's house:

The famous "Black Horse Tavern". I still haven't dared to venture inside:

Ritchie Wharf is a cute little children's play area/historical information site. It just happens to be right behind the house:

There's a reason why this area of Canada is called "The Maritimes":

The play area has a water feature, which turns on when you touch a post. It's pretty cool:

It's a ship!

Oh wait, it's a trick:

A little amphitheater:

The Miramichi River. It's HUGE:

There's an awesome ice-cream shop in among the restaurants and cafes of Ritchie Wharf. We restrained ourselves yesterday, but we'll be back:

Tags: black horse, canada, miramichi, new brunswick, ritchie wharf, river
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