Ian Hatch (wererogue) wrote,
Ian Hatch

I got the moon. I got the cheese...

... so much cheese! Some Brie de Meaux, some Gouda with Carroway, some goats cheese and some smoked Raclette, from the French market which came through town today.

We also got four kinds of hard sausage (Pork and chili, venison, bison and blueberry), I got a loaf, and we had Bratwurt for lunch! Yay!

It is a nice contrast from the takeaway pizza I've been getting used to when working the ridiculous amounts of unpaid overtime work's been needing recently. At least they're paying for the food now :/ The game's due to go gold very soon, and we're making a LOT of last-minute changes. I had a meeting this week which should go some way to keeping the overtime sensible and hopefully low - we'll see how that goes.
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