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Rotten Circuits
April 14th, 2008
02:07 pm


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Fitness report
I haven't been this sore for a long, long time.

My workouts at the moment are basically based around longpig's workout, swapping bits out when I feel a slightly different exercise would be better for me. This is mostly for convenience - it means that as we're using the same equipment we can spot and encourage each other, and get things done in the same amount of time.

longpig decided that enough was enough with the workout we were on (All squats! All the time!) and switched back to a body area split - legs, back and shoulders, chest and triceps. She's also persuaded me to try a more intensive abdominal exercise once a week, which is pretty effective. So changing up our workout has made me a little sore, which is awesome.

I've also started running HIIT for my warm-up, which I'm taking to a lot better than I expected.

However, this week we weren't able to go to the gym on Friday, so we went Saturday morning instead. Saturday afternoon is when I run Aberddu Adventures, so I was out running around the woods all afternoon. Then on Sunday, we went to the gym as normal.


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