Ian Hatch (wererogue) wrote,
Ian Hatch

TF Giveaway Results

A little while ago I posted that we had an unknown winner to the Energon Ironhide giveaway. This morning, we have a known winner - the mystery poster has identified himself as John Jackson, one of my friends from town! So congratulations John, Ironhide will be on his way to you very soon!

On the Beast Wars Buffletron Bisonator Bonecrusher giveaway, I've delayed posting a winner while I work out the logistics, but I've made a decision.

While elanya's argument is compelling:

as freakwoman's reason is clearly the best, in the spirit of the contest I must accept it:

So, in the final stages of competition winner selection, I now need the combatants to agree on terms for this knockout bout! Due to geographical issues, I suggest some form of comment/im war, where contestants compete until one is no longer able to tolerate reading about the other's boobs.
Tags: autobot, giveaway, maximal, toy, transformers, winner
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