Ian Hatch (wererogue) wrote,
Ian Hatch

Starting off slow

Ref: TF Giveaway
Energon Ironhide (seibertron)

So, we'll start off slow with Energon Ironhide (there was also a green version, "Energon Energon Ironhide", I'm told.)

Apparently, these guys didn't sell too well - it could be to do with his head sticking right out there, although that seems to be a pretty common Energon Autobot thing.

Although you can kind of tilt his helmet?

Anyway, in Energon, Ironhide is one of the main characters - he hangs out with the human kid, "Kicker". He's a bit annoying, and there's a whole coming of age/discovery of responsibility thing going on.

I reckon he's actually a pretty good toy - distinctive, lets say? Without that whole rig on the top, he'd be a pretty cool car. I'm missing his guns - I'll check with Gareth whether he has them, and hold back on posting him if he does.

So, lets get him into robot mode.

You can also turn him into the legs for a powerlinked Autobot.

So, who wants Ironhide? Free of charge, to the most deserving.
Tags: autobot, energon ironhide, giveaway, transformers
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