Ian Hatch (wererogue) wrote,
Ian Hatch

Box of Treasures!

So, today at LARPAid, I bought a box for £10 (that's about $20):

What could it contain? It is a mystery.

Looks like some kind of plastic.

Oh! It's toys! I wonder what kind?

Looks like mostly vehicles, some others.

Lots of cars, and trucks.

And some jet planes, too.

A fair number of animals.

I deliberately haven't shown you all of them - I want to keep some as surprises.

We totally can't keep all of these Transformers - we don't have the space. Hazel bought a really cool Armada Skywarp (who'd have thought that the Armada toys were good?) separately, and I might keep one or two of my favourites, when I've decided which they are.

So, my plan of action is this:

  • Once or less a week, I will choose one or more toys.

  • I will ensure that I have found all of the pieces of the toy that I own (they're almost all complete), assemble it into "disguise" mode ("vehicle mode" doesn't apply well to all of these), and post a picture.

  • I will research and write a short biography (probably mostly stolen from Wikipedia) on the character in the generation of the toy. I might even watch an episode featuring the character.

  • I will transform the toy into robot mode, with pictures or a video.

  • After this, readers may (should) tell me why they want the toy. Priority will probably go to collectors missing particular toys, and definitely will go to my friends, but other people with really good reasons might be able to snatch them away.

  • The most compelling reason will win the toy! I'll mail them anywhere in the world (contributions to postage gratefully accepted).

  • It'd be nice if whoever receives the toy could send me a photo of it with others of their collection, so that I know it's gone to a good home.

Phew! Not such a short or simple plan, but I expect it to be a lot of fun along the way.
Tags: autobots, beast wars, decepticons, larp aid, maximals, mystery box, predacons, transformers
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