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Rotten Circuits
January 2nd, 2008
07:55 am


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Separate post for goodness
In cheerier news, I feel like longpig and I couldn't be doing better. She totally got on with all of my family that we saw over our trip, and despite forcing each other to drink some pretty nasty medicine, we're still enjoying our time together immensely. It's always a good sign when no matter how crappy work has been and how pissed off I am, I end up smiling within moments of getting into the house.

Wedding is still on track for this summer - I think tomorrow evening is probably a good day to start address research. Other things to do include calling Mike Manship about some driving lessons, and moving the speakers and bookshelf in the living room to make space for Hazel's new desk whenever funcan can pick it up.

Current Music: "Spider Prime" by Elanya - in my head

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