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A weird way to ring in the new

Well, after our extremely eventful Christmas (health scares for my Auntie's family, stressful trips to/from France, illness, cute dogs, family, babies...) we're back in Aberystwyth, well, and until now, rested.

John and Michelle's New Year's party was, as always great fun, although not without its drama. arthmawr and Cheryl came to visit thanks to a broken-down car, and funcan and gitofaber were here, too, as well as most of the local crowd at one time or another. Gems had a bit of a hard time, but I think the talk we had helped, if temporarily.

What's been weird was yesterday - I basically spent most of New Year's Day helping a couple of my closest friends to (hopefully amicably) break up, although I had hoped for a happier ending. I think they'll be better off now that everything is resolved, at least.

The evening and onwards was spent helping one half of previously mentioned couple to get drunk, and watch TV (Transformers Animated is pretty darn nifty - thanks elanya! We totally couldn't get used to Prime having a mouth, however.) An unexpected bonus was that Patrick dropped by for a visit, and I got to chat with him for a good long while - we've never really had the chance before. He thinks I should come to Six Pillars and I tend to agree - the only thing that's been keeping me back is a lack of time to prepare kit and a character.

In theory, tonight was to be the first of our "Dexter" nights - we're going to watch an episode a week until we're up to date, and keep watching from there. All are welcome - we're going to watch anyway, regardless of who can make it each week, so that in general we keep moving through. However, as Patrick's only in town occasionally and wants to get people together for drinks, we may well be doing that - so Dexter is on hold until next week.
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