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Rotten Circuits
November 2nd, 2007
10:00 am


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Liquid rescaling
You all saw the liquid rescaling video:

a couple of months back. It's now available as a plugin for photoshop and the GIMP (via a comment on Twenty Sided).

Exhibit A: the original image, from this year's event.

I picked out Phil as a fairly obvious target. To mark a feature for deletion or preservation, you create a layer to use as a mask, and 'colour over' the features you want to mark. Then you apply the plugin, set the layer(s) you used as the preservation or deletion layers, pick the new dimensions of the image, and set it going.

Exhibit B: bye bye, Adarius.

I know a lot of people would have loved to do this at the time. I'm not one of them :P

Exhibit C: let's preserve Adarius. Well, in the photo. Y'know, 'cause he's dead.

Not bad - these diet fads always pass someone by...

Exhibit D: finally, I thought I'd try scaling up:

I had to preserve the players and some of the things on the ground for this, but it worked out really well.
With a bit of practice, I think this could be a fantastic/terrifying tool. Fancy cutting the player ref/your ex/that other girl out of your photo? No problem at all ;)

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