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So quit asking, bitches

Seriously - I mean, you kept asking Robert Jordan, and he died!

In less facetious news, I had a play on a couple of game demos at space_gargoyle's house yesterday. The Darkness is introduced by a thrilling in-game car chase. Unfortunately, it looks like after that they start putting in more cinematic cut-scenes, in which you spend a fair amount of time looking at a hideous model of Jackie's face. The gameplay is compelling - simple concepts executed with a vast amount of style.

Stranglehold is fun. It's Max Payne Plus - more bullet time ("Tequila time") and interactive... everything. The idea is to make the game exciting - the cooler the way in which you kill your enemies, the more energy you have for bullet time and for "Tequila bombs" - the main character's special powers, like healing or precision shots.

Also, we watched "Pirates: The Movie", which is hilarious: "What will you do now?" "The sea is... crawling with... pirates!" The main character has a huge Zapp Brannigan/Kevin Sorbo thing going on.
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