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Played Arkham Horror with the gang today - just the basic version, to ease people in gently. Unfortunately, Great Cthulhu himself was stirring in his slumber, and with seven of us playing, we very quickly reached our limit of five open gates, and were all devoured in combat with the great old one. We did manage to knock him down to half health in the process, but it was too little, too late.

Being a moron, I forgot to buy anything for lunch, so I had cheese triangles and various sugared treats. Which is not the most substantial of lunches after a modest breakfast.

Following the game, (I just lost the game. Again.) We watched three movies: Chain Fury (from Gems' 'erotica collection' - John's fault), Who Wants To Be An Erotic Billionaire (which John couldn't resist buying at the corner shop) and The Bourne Identity (because we'd all been meaning to watch it since 2002). The first was really quite poor, and had more baths than any movie reasonably requires. The second was actually pretty funny, if you ignored the frequent 20-minute lesbian soft-porn scenes. We fast-forwarded the last one - it was getting pretty repetitive.

The Bourne Identity was very much what I expected it to be. I quite enjoyed it, probably wouldn't make an effort to it again, but I'll watch the second and third ones.

p.s. "You've failed me again, Starscream." I saw Transformers on Friday night - it was ace :V
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