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At last I have it!

My RAM from Crucial, that is. Two shiny new DIMMs - in my excitement, I even forgot to attach the power for my case fan, and was somewhat concerned when the PC powered off mid-way through an antivirus update!

So, I am online at home once more! I also spent a bit of time this morning setting up my 5.1 speakers properly - all are functioning correctly, with the exception that currently the centre/sub channel is being a little weird. As one of the cables I had made is down one channel, I suspect a second dodgy cable - I shall test it tonight, and take them back if that's the case.

So, my to-do list now looks like this:
  • Buy cupboard, chest of drawers and shoe shelves
  • Test speaker cables
  • Watch Transformers, Psycho Beach Party, X-Files, JLU etc...
  • Retrieve wireless IR emitter parts, DVDs, USB preamp and other assorted things from Milton Keynes and Cambridge
  • Build wireless IR emitter with Tom
  • Build media server?
So, all in all a vast improvement!
Tags: life
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