Ian Hatch (wererogue) wrote,
Ian Hatch

Freedom to read

Since when do we charge people with "owning books"?!

I don't mind the government investigating terror subjects, but I wasn't aware it was a crime to own a book in the UK. I own two "terrorist" e-books - lock me up, I'm a danger to society!

I also own the book of Mormon D: Quick, get a restraining order in case I knock on your door! I'm not even religious, let alone Christian or Mormon.


In semi-related news, I dreamt last night that I was invited for an interview in South Africa, which was just across the sea from Europe (er, in the north of Africa...). When I got there, it turned out that South Africa was a fascist utopia, and I had to kill some secret service assassin in order to survive and prove that I was worthy of living there. I think I took the job, but I felt a bit weird about it, and thought I might change my mind. Then my friend Thomas from middle-school picked me up, and started going on about how awful and unjustifiable the situation in South Africa was, and I started explaining how the extreme measures and inhumanity actually made it a better place to live. I was going to go on to talk about how I didn't think the ends justified the means, but he basically wasn't listening and wanted to trash-talk the Nazis.
Tags: life, news
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