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Rotten Circuits
August 14th, 2007
10:33 am


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Post-event life
Good things this morning:
- Still ahead on work
- Caught up on laundry
- Set up grill
- Put away some boxes
- Speakers handle stereo fine
- Got pro in WiiSports boxing
- WiiSports age is 29
- Wii interface update is an improvement
- Visiting folks last night helped me tidy plates and rubbish, so flat is still nice
- Friendly Mormons still fail to convince me of truthfulness of religion
- Internet and phone are now go, and I can browse the internet on my Wii, DS and PSP!

Bad things this morning:
- Still need to put away boxes
- Still haven't bought any breakfast (and am substituting carrots so far this week)
- Replacement RAM sent to Jagex - will need to wait for it to be sent on to me before I can use my PC


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