Ian Hatch (wererogue) wrote,
Ian Hatch

The lovely folks at TopatoCo

Those of you who know me well know that I own an awful lot of t-shirts - far out of proportion to the rest of my clothes. I like to support companies/endeavours I like, and t-shirts fill the dual role of giving them a little money, and promotion (y'know, by me wearing them).

I put in a bulk order from Topatoco, Jeffrey Rowland's t-shirt company, a few months ago. The majority of the order turned up very quickly (within a week or two), a couple of the items took a week or two more, and one of the items never shipped.

I didn't notice at the time - I'd gotten a whole bunch of t-shirts, some stickers, a certificate (membership into the Loch Ness Monster Adventure Club, no less!) and some temporary tattoos, and was fairly distracted by my plans to move half-way across the UK. However, I got an email from "Tallahassee Econolodge" of TopatoCo, explaining that the shirts in question were currently out of stock, and asking whether I like to be sent a different shirt, or wait for the original order. I opted to get a nice Ouijanet shirt for Hazel, as I didn't really mind not getting the shirt I'd ordered. Hazel's shirt turned up in Milton Keynes before I even left Cambridge!

I've just had a parcel forwarded from Jagex, containing the Internets shirt that I originally ordered (and more stickers, tattoos etc). That's right - accompanied with an apologetic email from Jeffrey, they sent out my order anyway, in view of it being super-late!

So, in celebration of good internet service, here are some photos of my stickers:
Joanna sticker on guitarTerrible/awesome sticker on guitar

These are my favourites:

Snakes flying a plane sticker on guitarBees sticker on guitar

So, in conclusion, topatoco sure are nice :V
Tags: geekery, life
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