Ian Hatch (wererogue) wrote,
Ian Hatch

The holy list

I really hope this doesn't backfire and end up with fucktards quoting my favourite lines at me. Don't let it spread too far, my friends...

Zim's Webcomic List
p = exceptionally pretty
g = exceptially geeky
f = very funny
x = essential
! = exceptionally good

Regular Reading
Achewood, fx
AppleGeeks, pf
Comedity, f
Ctrl+Alt+Del, gfx!
Chugworth Academy, pf
Diesel Sweeties, fx
8-Bit Theater, g
Flem, fx (warning - explicit)
Ghastly's Ghastly Webcomic, gf (warning - explicit)
Instant Classic
Little Gamers, gf
Mac Hall, pfx!
Megatokyo, p
Nemi, f
Nothing Nice To Say, x
Ornery Boy, f!
Overcompensating, !
Penny Arcade, gfx!
Player vs. Player, gx
Press Start To Play, f
Questionable Content, !
Radioactive Panda, p
Rob & Elliot, f
Scary Go Round, pf!
Schlock Mercenary, g
Sinfest, x
Skirting Danger
Sore Thumbs
Something Positive, x!
Theater Hopper, g
Videogame Cats, pgf!

Updated Occasionally
Blue Abyss, p
Bolt City (Copper), pfx!
Dragon Boy, f
Everyday Adventures, gf
Lacunae, p
The New Gold Dream, g
Scareodeleria, f
Wigu, fx!
Writhe & Shine

Not comics, exactly
The Creatures In My Head, p
Weebl & Bob, pfx!

Not yet caught up
Boy On A Stick & Slither, f
Bobbins, f (ended)
Chopping Block f!
Diesel Sweeties, fx
Goats, fx
It's Walky!, f (ended)
Joe & Monkey, fx
Maakies, f
Mayberry Melonpool, gf
Paradox Lost pg
Fallen p
Red Meat, f
Robot Stories, fx
RPG World, g
Sam & Fuzzy, fx
Sluggy Freelance, fx!

Okay Pants, !
Queen Of Wands f!
Suzie View, x

So there you have it. Use it wisely, and marvel at the amount of time I waste...
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