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I'm thinking I should cut back on the gym, and use the time in the next few weeks for:

  • Preparing to move

  • Celebrating with friends/colleagues

  • Researching OpenGL (potentially a useful headstart in my new job)

  • Catching up on current techniques in game AI (as above)

Trouble is, I feel a bit like I'm making excuses - like I should find the extra time from my truly free time - cut out the cartoons, or reading, and keep up my exercise routine. On the other hand, that would turn me into a giant stress bomb, potentially triggering illnesses.

What to do? In fact, let's add a poll, purely because I paid for an account, and I can:

Poll #1013872 Plans of action

What do you think is the best course of action?

Less time at the gym to make room for preparations
Less time relaxing to make room for preparations
Don't bother researching for your new job - you'll pick it up when you get there
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