Ian Hatch (wererogue) wrote,
Ian Hatch

Back to Core

I dropped in to Core Cambridge yesterday, to pay for the assessment I had, and book a new appointment. I've been meaning to pay that bill for quite a while, but every time I brought it up Dan (my instructor there) told me it could wait. They know they're pretty expensive, and that I'm funding it out of my own pocket (as my company haven't worked out how to incorporate them into the existing gym schemes they offer yet).

When I went in and tried to pay, Dan knocked 25% off the price! I feel a little guilty about that, actually - I could afford to pay that one, and they're still in their startup phase. He was kind of insistent, though, and I didn't want to be rude - it's hard to turn down a price reduction! I certainly can put the money to good use, what with planning the move, wedding etc.

So, once again, Core Cambridge is the best gym ever. They're like no other gym in the uk. Go there. They have a new cutting and weight maintenance package, Pound for Pound, in which they help you lose fat and teach you how to maintain a leaner body, then refund a portion of the fee based on how much you lose. They also still have free trial sessions, and if you phone them and arrange speak to someone about what you want to achieve, they'll tailor your session to your needs. So you really have no excuse.

EDIT: If it sounds like I'm selling this place, it's because I am. The guys running it quit good jobs to bring a better service to the UK, and I really want to see them succeed.
Tags: fitness

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