Ian Hatch (wererogue) wrote,
Ian Hatch

Health update...

...because god help us if I wrote something interesting to other people!

I've noticed actually, that I blog a lot more when I'm ill - it makes me angry, and I feel the need to vent, I guess. The longer I'm ill, the more I'm angry at and the more I rant at. Ho hum.

Slept badly the first half of last night - I didn't take any painkillers, and the pain kept waking me. I got up in the night, had a walk (again, now that I'm fitter, once I get past the mental conditioning of "oh god it'll kill so hard if I move", getting up and moving around is easy), and went back to bed. The second half of the night was uninterrupted, and all but pain-free - there's just a dull ache this morning.

I'm going to keep watch on it today, but if it's on recovery now, this could be the shortest full-on attack I've ever had. Thanks, science!

Edit: while I'm still pretty tender, I'm feeling so much better than yesterday at the moment.
Tags: health, life
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