Ian Hatch (wererogue) wrote,
Ian Hatch

Getting up to date

Ok, so I wanted to write a big thing about Aber, the party we set up for Hazel, getting engaged, visiting Canada, and Jodie's wedding, and basically how awesome it all was. But there's just too much of it, and I don't have enough free time, so I'm going to skip it this time.

It was all awesome. Especially the bits which involved Hazel, which was all of it, but also including the bits that involved any of the rest of my awesome friends, which was lots of the time that did involve Hazel, and also some of the tiny fraction of remaining time.

Which basically leaves two daytimes in Toronto (following the above set of experiences) not covered as to how awesome they were. They were medium awesome.

You are now up to date. Well, nearly. As much as matters to you, anyway.
Tags: life
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