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One more down

And thus, it is no longer my 22nd birthday. Coincidentally, it is no longer No Pants Day, but I have deathboy to thank for that nugget of information.

As always, I've been thinking about my place in life, what I've accomplished etc. As always, you all have similar issues and don't need to hear about mine.

The AMB was, all things considered, damn good. This is because Zombina & the Skeletones were damn good, and the combination of goodness, mediocracy and wankery of the rest of the night added up to "meh". More info when I have access to photos/scanner etc.

Aberystwyth has changed for me, a lot. Over my two years I made a lot of fantastic friends, and mostly that won't change. But visiting, I find that my friends have new friends, people who seem likeable that I'd like to chat to, get to know better. And that'd be easy, but I feel like I'd be messing with the new social structure, making myself a new place, and I don't need a place. That's part of the reason I can't live here permanently - the social politics. People who want everyone to like them - it's like being at school.

The same thing exists in London, except that people have their own social circles. There are as many social circles in London as there are people, and that works, because the people you hang out with are the people you like, or those you work with. In Aberystwyth, there are less to go around, simply because most people know most other people to some extent.

I still like my friends here, and there are new people I like too. There are still a load of people I don't know, and that doesn't really bother me any more.

This may not make sense, as I am tired and should sleep.

I hope everyone had a good my birthday :)
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