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Rotten Circuits
April 17th, 2005
07:46 pm


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Sunday bloody sunday
Nobody ever posts anyting of any consequence on Sundays, so I shall contribute by posting some things of no consequence...

However, before I do so, of vital importance is the knowledge that the OED online's word of the day is Violation.

Things of no consequence follow:

1. I have met a person who's actual birth name is Arwen. She has a sister named Rosie.
2. It can take nearly 4 grams of caffeine to kill a person, although the "official" lethal dose is 10g. It works by substituting for adenosine - the chemical which slows nerve impulses and causes drowsiness.
3. Jack Off Jill and Devin Townsend are both really good.
4. I predict that I will have symptoms of narcolepsy by Thursday.

Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: Easy - Terrorvision

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